My so called life. A 90's show with 90's fashion I awlays enjoyed watching this show when i was little though i really didnt understand nor could i appreciate evreything character rayanne graff was wearing. I feel like i need to order the seasons somewhere on amazon perhaps. I love fashion from tv shows its always special when you can know what the actress has on or pull inspiration and add bits in pieces in to your over expanded wardobe.

how cute is this def. something i woutld wear minus the baseball cap.

gotta love her and ofcourse her style ive always been the bad and loved evrey bad girl, thats with style ofcourse -_-/// this is how i would achieve this look in my own way i wish i could have added some barrettes but polyvore was totally trippin on there barrette selection.

these are so cute and so cheap, you can get these at any beauty supply.
i found this off UO's website for 12 buckkks.

 all for now, mia o.