where am i?

for those who are curious for an explanation of my absence that is long overdue...
I am now working on a new project called the materials  a fashion blog based on all style along with a youtube for guided fashionistas please be sure to follow the blog I will no longer be updating on here.


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self portrait l easy sunday

In an attempt to up my productivity I decided I would dedicate a section of my Sunday to take pictures, focusing on whatever I wore that day. Very much so a personal style section in a ode to production. I enjoy doing self portraits they create a zen serenity especially on rainy days.

well this it an effortless sweater with some high waisted shorts that I am pretty sure every lady wore in the 1970's.


Photo Story | Sunday around 5pm.


Lets lounge for a miunte take a few pics while I take some of you? My Sunday afternoon went a little like this. I relaxed and enjoyed the day. I threw on some cut up low rise denim levi's a thrifted top and some american apparel tights. My hair..big how I like it....


bardot effect

about the look
Turtle neck by sparkle and fade, Levi's vintage shorts
simple and chic i love thigh highs love turtle necks I had a bit of a bardot effect.


in nude.

 about the look
I have had my vintage high rise levi's forever now, but I didnt notice when I purchased them the zipper was broken :/ well I still love them and for 3 bucks thats only a minor fix. I am weatring a nude american apparel bodysuit vintage dooney and bourke bag that I will hold in fox&bella (an online boutique, that willl be featuring my line), and my shoes are steve madden westii which i love oh so much.



about the look
its been really cold out to update my looks, so I knew today I had to make an alternative. I really don't like shooting indoor(reasons: lighting, and "cheesy images").  I am very pleased I will try to do more indoor shots but of course with a huge amount of creativity..ill try
I am wearing  a lingerie slip that i bought from urban outfitters to make it a "dress" I put on my american apparel black cotton slip which always comes in handy.

for hair check out my hair and beauty tab.


brown& maroon

about the look
is was only right after a vegetarian omlette from cafe brazil that I took some outfit pictures.
My hat is deena and ozzy, my sweater is thrifted (3$) boots are by dolce vita, black dress is by american apparel.